athens free walking tour


The first and best orientation walk in Athens!

Just imagine, you can walk and enjoy Athens, walking there with your european wife. Unforgettable impressions are waiting for you both from Athens and from your girlfriend, from whom you will not be able to look away.


 ‘Athens Free Walking Tour’ remains a favorite introduction to the city of the legendary hero, Theseus.
Explore the city that has over 4000 years of history and discover all secrets that you won’t find in your guidebook. We are a small team of locals that have years of experience in culture, education and tourism. Today, the city is a modern metropolis and the capital of Greece. But the grace of Athena still lingers all around… Our English-speaking local experts will share their knowledge and passion for Athens with you. Get an inside look at the Cradle of Western Civilization on foot and discover many of the city’s hidden gems that tourist buses can’t reach.

To join one of our walks simply contact us and fill in the date that you would like to participate. We will be sending all necessary details as soon as possible.

‘Athens Free Walking Tour’: The best intro to Athens, trusted by legions of travelers! Well-versed locals will walk with you through different parts and streets of Athens, mixing the old and the new, while sharing stories known only to history buffs!

How much?

Join us for free. We’re a small team of locals that love to share our passion for Athens. There’s no fixed price to join our orientation walk.


We meet in the morning at 10am. Our meeting points vary, depending on the day. Send us a message for the exact info, please. 

How long?

We follow a relaxed pace visiting various areas of Athens. The walk takes about 2 hours, depending on how much of a history buff you are, as we love questions!

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